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My journey to where I am today was nothing at all like I would have expected. As much as I love cameras  and always have  since I was a very young child, I'd be lying if I said that my plan the entire time was to create a business like the one I am creating today.

In the process of getting here... I have  had the opportunity to live what feels like many different lives in my adulthood. I've been a college student, I've changed my major many times, I've been someone that flunked out of college, I have been married but I have also been divorced, I have been a waitress at 6 different restaurants, a medical assistant in the hospital as well as doctors offices, a retail worker at Pottery Barn, a nanny to many families, afterschool counselor, Preschool teacher, substitute teacher, assistant kindergarten teacher, and last but not least I've even had the opportunity to be a mother.

Being who we truly are sometimes means being brave enough to take the road less traveled. The GRATITUDE that I have for circumstances I cursed, the life plans that just never went how I expected and the strength I gained along the way... is enormous. Because without it I would have never know that it would have been possible to be doing what I am doing today. I can't wait to bring to light all the beauty that we can create together! Thank you for joining my adventure with me!

& Adventurous soul

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Hey, I'm Nicole

To all the driven and inspirational women that I have the honor to move through life with, thank you for growing with me.

My friends

I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for all the love and opportunities that were given to me by my Mom and Dad. 

My parents

My home base, my reason and my support... without my little tribe I wouldn't have been brave enough to chase my dreams.

my family

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self growth

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I turn my pain into Power."LT

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To live my life true to who am

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New Zealamd

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Some is better than None

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